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Strategic Framework

Strategy is often perceived as every complex. My experience is that the most important element to keep in mind when dealing with strategy, is at which level that the strategic change will influence. That is also why that it is so important to define the goals and opportunities before changing the strategy. My experience tells …

Agile Risk management according to Alan Moran

Alan Moran has made several interesting articles and written the book “Agile Risk Management” that we have used a lot in Gyro to get a proven comprehensive framework. Like most other book it focus primarily on project risk and little on reputational, legal or financial risks. Please contact us if you would like more information …

Customer Loyalty

A lot of paper has been written about why customer experience is important. You can find our perspective in thisĀ  introduction. Net Promoter Score presentation from Mads Hermann However, not many people manage to bring the understand of business and loyalty together in tangible straightforward initiatives.