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Gyro is a consulting company providing highly specialized consulting services in regulated industries. Through our services we bring value to you and your clients. We help you to sharpen your strategy and give you the necessary tools and competitive edge to reach your business goals. We go the extra mile to ensure that everything is properly implemented.

Aiding your business in navigating the regulative landscape

As a niche consultancy firm, GYRO specializes in a few key services in highly regulated industries such as the financial, pharmaceutical and energy industry. We can help you with everything from your strategy and performance to risk assessment of your operations.



We specialize in Governance, Risk, and Compliance strategies, offering tailored solutions to businesses navigating complex regulatory landscapes. Through meticulous analysis, we identify potential vulnerabilities and streamline governance and compliance processes to fortify your organization against risks.


We assess your digital infrastructure, identifying vulnerabilities and crafting customized defense strategies to safeguard against cyber threats. With a focus on proactive threat detection and rapid incident response, we ensure the resilience of your systems in the face of evolving risks.

Data Driven Management

Through advanced analytics and strategic insights, we help organizations make informed decisions and drive operational excellence. Our tailored approach includes data governance frameworks, ensuring accuracy, integrity, and compliance throughout your data lifecycle.

Our team

Mads Hermann


Christoffer Wiedmann

risk and data

Louise Luxhøj Bredgaard


“I had the pleasure of working with Gyro over two years for our large digitalisation program. Gyro helped us to build and manage our Agile Risk Governance model which help us to manage the risk.”

Hanne Hansen

Senior Leader at Nordea

“I can highly recommend Mads Hermann.”

Kyung Rog Kim

CEO at Schnider Electric Korea

“Gyro help us to establish an Agile Risk Management Strategy. Gyro guided us through efficient workshop to build a framework that helps us to better identify and manage risks and to communicate more effectively with our suppliers.”

Morten Salmark

Head of Operational Risk and Compliance at ATP

What our clients have to say


Lets talk about how your business can reach its goals

Feel free to contact us about your business. We’ll be happy to review your strategy and management and guide in the right direction to reach your goals.

Mads Hermann

15 years experience in leading people and change through commitment, passion and pragmatic performance management.

Specialized in Strategic IT Transformation with focus on Agile Risk Management with 6+ years of experience.

Consulting excellence with 30+ projects in Agile, Strategy, Digitalization, Risk & Process Management.

Certified in Compliance, Cyber Security, Change Mgt, Enterprise Architecture and Process (Six Sigma).

Executive MBA from IESE Business School, M.Sc. Process Engineer from DTU and Int. Diploma from CBS.

Record of professional and academic excellence with a truly international mindset, background, career and network.

Relevant experience

  • CX Global Manager at Schneider Electric Global Operation, Barcelona, Spain: This role involved strategic development of customer experience and relationship management, including leading continuous improvement projects through LEAN/6 sigma project methodology on a global scale. Hermann’s responsibilities covered 72 countries, emphasizing his ability to manage and improve processes across diverse and complex environments.
  • Quality Project Manager at Schneider Electric, Copenhagen, Denmark: In this position, Hermann focused on the management of continuous improvement and business process excellence. He led BPE Black Belt projects, dealing with major quality issues and recalls, demonstrating his expertise in identifying, analyzing, and optimizing business processes to enhance quality and efficiency.
  • Management Consultant roles at various organizations: Hermann’s consulting roles involved compliance, GDPR, Agile Risk Management, and digital transformation projects. These experiences highlight his capabilities in process management, risk assessment, and implementing strategic improvements across different sectors

Agile risk management

Data driven decision making


Process optimization

Corporate governance

Christoffer Wiedemann

Christoffer has +10 years of experience from working in a leading financial institution in the Nordics. He has led global units across Personal Banking, Business Banking and Group Risk Management, and has solid experience from multidimensional strategic business aspects, e.g., credit portfolio mgmt., process optimization, risk governance, analytics, capital requirements, data management and strategic transformations.

Relevant experience

Responsible for improving, innovating and implementing a better basis for proactive portfolio decisions through credit data leads. 

  • Experience with building large scalable data marts used in both specific and generic credit processes. From raw data to complex business insights in industry leading tools, generating desired behaviour.
  • Understanding of banking processes, credit management and the e2e data value chain, and how to leverage these components for optimization and development of products, processes and improved portfolio quality.
  • Used data and calculations to improve credit decisions through changes to rules and a standardization of the documentation. 
  • Experience with designing and implementing both smaller operational rule-based guidelines  and larger credit risk strategy changes. 
  • Responsible for implementing new regulatory product standards, developing process framework for commercial opportunities, running agile corporate governance for segment and caretaking enterprise risk mgmt. duties for portfolio and single case support.
  • Practical knowledge from dealing with advanced regulatory models.
  • Familiar with navigating across executives and customer facing units.

Risk Management

Data & Analytics

Portfolio & process optimization


Corporate Governance


Louise Luxhøj Bredgaard

With ten years of practical experience working in legal roles across national and international law firms, the public sector, and consulting, Louise has the skills to understand complex legal documents and apply them to daily operations.

Her expertise lies in helping organizations navigate the complex landscape of regulatory requirements, risk management, and effective governance structures. With a deep understanding of industry standards and best practices, she works closely with the clients to develop tailored strategies that not only ensure compliance with regulations but also enhance operational efficiency and mitigate risks effectively.

Relevant experience

  • Responsible for developing and implementing compliance strategy, ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements.
  • Conducting thorough audits of activities, identifying areas of non-compliance, and recommending corrective actions to align with requirements.
  • Analyzing and evaluating risks, crafting risk mitigation strategies, and offering guidance on implementing technical and organizational measures to effectively address identified risks and ensure compliance.
  • Utilizing effective communication and empathy to design and deliver engaging training sessions for employees across all organizational levels, cultivating a deeper understanding of Governance, Risk, and Compliance responsibilities and promoting best practices.
  • Establishing project governance structures, including roles and responsibilities, communication protocols, and escalation procedures, to facilitate effective project execution and stakeholder engagement.
  • Establishing and nurturing positive relationships built on trust, respect, and empathy.

GDPR compliance strategy

Regulatory Governance

Project management

Legal methodology & research

International Legal Experience